April 29, 2016

$99 Lemonade? Thursday only!

What’s with a $99 lemonade? Must be SOME good lemonade!

A Toronto-based, non-profit organization, PAWS hosts a series of innovative and fashion-inspired events to raise money for dogs in need of advanced veterinary health care. On Thursday, Sept. 22 from 6 – 10:00 pm ET, PAWS will culminate its summer-long lemonade stand with a recipe that celebrates the day and night in equal parts, per the Fall Equinox. The PAWS Lemonade Stand is situated on the patio of The Beaconsfield, 1154 Queen Street West. Already this summer the PAWS Lemonade Stand has inspired memorable recipes from the likes of Brassaii, Harbord Room, Malena and The Drake Hotel, as well as bloggers It All Starts With Butter and Foodie and the Beast; and just as satisfying, thousands of dollars in donations. More info at Facebook – Paws for the Cause.