May 2, 2016

Review: Sounds of Baby CD

Product Review – Sounds of Baby CD

After living happily as a family of 3 (2 humans, 1 dog) for years, our family is growing. We’re expecting a baby. This news is requiring some adjustment on all of our parts – the rock ‘n roll studio is being relocated, the spare rooms will be needed for more than just ironing and dust collection experiments, and our sprawling piles of stuff are being purged. We’ve discussed the impending arrival with our 7 year old gentle-giant of a dog but we’re not convinced he ‘gets it’. His reaction is usually to pick up one of his stuffed animals, and to shake it vigorously until the stuffing comes right out of it. On second thought maybe he does ‘get it’ – maybe he’s showing us what he thinks of the news.

Enter the Sounds of Baby – an innovative CD that purports to desensitize your dog to the sounds that will be entering your home with your new arrival. We’ve had the CD for a couple of weeks now and dutifully play the it every day while playing with the dog, feeding him breakfast, and hanging out as a family. In our daily lives, our dog is very noise sensitive – bagpipes nearly kill him, saxophones terrify him, and thunder sends him running for the hills. Even a car door slamming can have disastrous effects. The first day of playing the CD provided the most hilarity, as our dog stood nose glued to the speaker for the duration its playing. The next time, he did the same, while occasionally looking at us as if to say, “let the baby out of the box!” On the third day, he sat nearby, looking from time to time at the speakers but also looking generally fairly unimpressed — progress!

There are 3 tracks on the CD, ordered by increasingly alarming sounds. We’ve just progressed to the 3rd track which contains mostly crying and louder toy sounds. We are not sure at this point who the desensitizing is working most on – the humans in the family or the dog! The dog though is definitely relaxing more each time the CD is played – he no longer is on high alert throughout but does absolutely notice and react to some of the sounds. So far, the CD is an interesting experiment and we recommend it to any family that is expanding to include more of the human variety. We’ll update this review as we progress closer towards the due date of our baby.

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