April 30, 2016

Picking up poop: A product review — Read to WIN a DISPENSER!

PSSSST. Win a free dispenser! Read on!

I’ve been a dog owner for more than twenty of my adult years. I’ve picked up a lot of poop in that time. In the past few years, because we now use our own grocery bags when we shop, I’ve had to re-think where I get poop bags. No longer can I re-use plastic grocery bags for this purpose. So, I’ve bought a lot of poop bags – and never the same brand, as I have yet to find the ultimate poop bags.


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While I don’t usually give this topic an overt amount of thought, here are the requirements of my dream (!) poop bags (aside from the magic kind that would make the poop disappear):

  • Decent for the environment. OK, so poop is gross. It needs to be contained but doesn’t need to be preserved carefully in plastic for the next 100 years.
  • The bags need to be large enough to do the work they are meant to do and still have room to tie a knot at the top
  • If in a roll, it’s important that the bags separate from each other fairly easily, even with mitts on! Rips leads to grossness!
  • Not overly perfumed (actually, why do they need to smell at all? My goal is to get rid of the poop bag asap. I am not storing the poop!)
  • After I pick up poop, I’d rather not look at it thru the bag – a see thru bag is definitely not ideal!
  • Easy to access – how can I store them so that I can easily access one (or more!) when needed without turning my pockets inside out. Also, how many times have I found myself out for a walk and eek, found that my pockets don’t contain any poop bags at all. Also, not ideal!

As a society, we’ve put men on the moon (or have we?!) yet in my experience, we hadn’t been able to solve the apparent puzzle of creating a good poop bag! Come on people! Get to work on the important issues!

Soooooo, a few weeks ago, I saw a tweet by @greenpoopbags and was reminded of their cool looking poop bag dispensers I had been seeing at local pet shops but had been reluctant to try, mostly because I’ve got a few poorly performing other brands at home, and well, I thought, are these nifty dispensers and bags really better? I must have recently been subject to yet another torn /too small / leaking poop bag fiasco because I immediately tweeted back to them, asking what made their bags so great?

I told them that I had yet to meet a poop bag I liked.

Not deterred by this inferred challenge, Green Earth PoopBags quickly offered to send me some samples to try.

Today, the samples arrived. And I’ve already put the biodegradable roll version to the test. Here’s what I like:

  • The plastic dispenser is nice looking, well designed, washable, attaches to leashes or belts, and has a large enough hole so that bags are easily dispensed. I’ve used other dispensers in the past and one problem I’ve come across is that when the roll of bags inside the dispenser gets smaller, the roll can fall out. I will report back again on whether or not this happens with this dispenser. So far, the dispenser is great.
  • The bags in the roll are BIG. Big enough for my large labrador’s stuff. Enough said.
  • The bags separate well from each other. No torn bag bottoms. Hurrah for that!
  • The bags are not see thru – while there is no disguising that there is poop inside, no one has to see the texture or colour! More hurrahs!
  • According to Green Earth PoopBags’ website, the Earth RatedTM biodegradable PoopBags harmlessly dissolve into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) in as little as 24 months NICE.

The company also makes COMPOSTABLE bags (corn based) which I am anxious to try as well (and look at that, I’ve received some of these as samples to try out too. Will test shortly.) Aside from the fact that they apparently break down in 40 days (awesome), I like the fact that these bags aren’t scented.

The BIODEGRADABLE bags do have a scent – the company calls it “naturally scented with lavender and fresh smelling.” It’s a fine smell, I suppose, and it definitely isn’t overpowering or awful. It is light, and um, lavender smelling. I guess I wonder why poop bags have to have ANY smell. I don’t want to open my cupboard where I keep my coats and dog leashes and have the first thing I am reminded of poop. Or an old lady. Or the combo! Ha!

(I will admit that I’ve been accused of being a super sniffer in the past – I have a very good (bad?) sense of smell. There are upsides and downsides to this, ah, talent! And yes, I will agree that a scent of lavender is WAY better than a scent of poop.)

What are your must haves in a poop bag? Come on, we’ve all thought about it for at least as long as the time it takes to pick up poop!

I’d recommend trying Green Earth PoopBags. Let me know what you think – comment below.


Super. We’ve got a few to give away. Tweet this article, including our
Twitter name (@torontodogs_com — note the underscore)
and our website (Torontodogs.com) and / or comment
below for a chance to win.