April 30, 2016

We know you love dogs. But do you want to live NEXT to a dog park?

Yes, we know that you love dogs. So do we. And at times, we have loved dog parks too. (Our current dog is training for the Frisbee event at the 2016 Olympics (What? This isn't an event? Are you on the IOC?) so prefers a big empty field as her training facility, over dog parks where her competition may spy on her developing technique.) We understand what dog parks can mean to city dwellers - a place to safely exercise their pets, create and affirm community, be the early morning / later in the … [Read more...]

Can your dog hear this ad?

I could have sworn that my dog responded VERY favourably to this ad.  Apparently there are sounds in this ad that only dogs can hear. I TOTALLY BELIEVED IT after watching the reaction of my dog. But then, the second time I played it, nothing. Crickets. No reaction at all. She lay perfectly still. Not a flinch. What do you think? Even more hilarious is that apparently this company put up scented posters in some German towns, appealing directly to dogs. Read more from The Toront … [Read more...]