April 30, 2016

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Our website has been live on the Internet since 1999. We’ve got bite. Toronto dog people like our site because they easily find information they are looking for. Toronto dog-related businesses like our site because we drive traffic (and business) to their websites. More than 94% of businesses who list or advertise with Torontodogs.com renew their listing, year after year.

Our site attracts nearly 20,000 Toronto dog owners each month.

How? Just Google ‘toronto dogs’ or any Toronto and dog related service and see how we rank. We’re pretty pleased ourselves.

This is a guide for Toronto dogs and their people. A listing, including a link to your website on up to 2 pages, is available on this site for a fee of $200 CDN / year. Payments may be made with most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) via PayPal. By request, we can also accept email money transfer via your online bank (CIBC, RBC, TD Bank etc).

Business Listings

To submit your company or service information, please complete the form below. Upon completion of the form, you will be prompted for your payment information. Listings normally appear within 48 hours, except during weekends or holidays.

A listing includes a your business information, contact information, a short description of what you do or sell, written by you, and a link to your website. A listing on Torontodogs.com costs $200 annually for inclusion on up to 2 pages of the site.

Listings of businesses are always listed alphabetically, with the owners of Torontodogs.com having last say in any debate around the ordering issue. (You’d be amazed at the things people have told us over the years, such as (AND WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP!) “But ‘s’ comes before ‘b’ in my dictionary!”

Yes, really. People have said this to us. More than once.

So, you see, we reserve the final word on order of listings! We try to be reasonable, fair folk.

Rescue Groups or Not for Profits?

Local Groups and Rescue organizations are listed free of charge. Please complete the form below. If you are a registered not for profit or community based organization that does not collect fees, there will not be a charge to list on the website. However, there is a verification process to ensure that information entered regarding this status is correct, so please be honest.

Other Advertising Opportunities

Additional advertising opportunities (i.e. buttons or banners) are also available.

Listing Form

Complete this form to have your business or organization included on Torontodogs.com. Businesses will be promoted to complete payment within this form.