May 6, 2016

Other Services

Outdoor Activities with your Dog

Want to get out and enjoy Toronto and the Ontario region with your dog? Excellent idea!

Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-885-0998
Fetching runs exercise programs you do with your dog, bringing you closer together and improving your fitness at the same time. Working out is always more fun with a furry friend next to you, especially when he gives you encouraging tail wags and a sloppy kiss when it’s all over. The first of its kind in Canada, Fetching offers programs for all fitness levels in many locations around Toronto.

Trackers Edge
Whitby, ON
Trackers Edge is a multifaceted business part of which includes dog services. We provide custom training specifically designed for you and your dog. Our rates start at $30.00 an hour and there are no obligatory contracts. These are individual private lessons. We train all types of dogs and specialize in German Shepherds. We base our training on what you want your dog to learn. We also specialize in teaching dogs of all breeds how to track which can be an enjoyable hobby for both dog and owner